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At Regal Hotels, we understand the needs and requirements of meeting planners, and we provide comprehensive meeting and event venues for all kinds of functions. For trainings, seminars, incentive events, meetings or conferences, each of our hotels provides state-of-art meeting and conference facilities, full business and professional secretarial support, and impeccable service. With an array of different meeting and conference packages on offer, Regal Hotels is able to meet every type of meeting request.

Event Planning Rips

Meeting Framework

The first thing you need to determine is the objective and scope of the event. What will be accomplished after the event? Setting clear objectives is the foundation of a successful event.

Few tips will help you to build the framework of your meetings / events.

  • Define the reasons / objectives for the meeting.
  • Determine the scope and format of the meeting.
  • Determine who will be attending the meeting or event. Any guest speakers?
  • Decide the most suitable venue for the event.


  • Consider the provision of any gifts and extra services to certain guests.
  • Reserve a small amount in your budget to accommodate unexpected expenses.
  • Any third party expenses you need to prepare according to the program rundown.
  • Review hotel accounts daily to avoid surprises on the final bill.
  • Site Selection
  • Understand your location preference. Do you prefer to be close to your office? Or you prefer to have close proximity to another site (clients’ office / airport)? Or does a resort work better?
  • Estimate the number and size of function rooms required for the meetings, as well as the need for coffee breaks, breakout sessions, exhibitions and meals.
  • Estimate how much time will be spent for the meeting (What type of meeting it will be – e.g. workshop, conference, etc.), then determine the types of facilities to meet your needs.
  • If attendees have to stay at the meeting hotel, ensure the number of guestrooms is enough.
  • If a destination or property is new to you, visit, tour around and experience the site, and put yourself in your attendees’ shoes.

Meals Arrangement

  • Remember to ask the attendees about their special dietary needs (i.e., allergies, religious beliefs, vegan, etc.) ahead of time.
  • Decide how much time you will allow for each meal period. Will all meals be arranged or will some meals be paid by the attendees?


  • Inquire about the Wi-Fi service available in both meeting rooms and guestrooms, some attendees prefer either wired or wireless.
  • Any other equipment you may need inside the meeting rooms, e.g. special lighting or portable audio equipment?

Recreational Activities

  • People may need a break from the long meeting. Is there a space available inside or outside the hotel for relaxation?
  • Coordinate with the hotel concierge to recommend local places for attendees to visit based on their schedule.
  • If time allows, ask for a list of recreational activities (i.e. sightseeing, sports outings etc.) available for attendees so they can go exploring the city during their spare time.
  • Any hotel map / location maps available for attendees inside the hotel.



Regal Hotels launches a brand new multi-functional App for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) customers, creating a dynamic and efficient digital communications platform for both MICE organizers and participants.

Characteristics include:

  • User-friendly, easy to manage and clearly state event details, such as agenda, speaker’s profiles, meeting details, attendance and etc
  • Organizers can instantly communicate with the participants on site
  • QR code scanning function enables simplified registration process
  • Specially featuring the real-time polling during events
  • Reducing paper use to facilitate green meeting environment

Regal MICE App can now be downloaded for free from App Store and Google Play Store. Meeting organizers who hold events in Regal Hotels in Hong Kong are entitled to free access and usage of this powerful App.



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Looking for meeting space?

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