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What better way to align the team, build relationships, improve soft skills, and focus on key topics than a team offsite meeting, or “Team Away Day” Taking the team out of their everyday work routine for a special experience can bond and unite them – if planned and ran properly. We’ve put together some tips from our experience setting up and managing Team Away Days.



Going offsite is a must. The location has to be interesting, inspiring, and most importantly, different from the everyday workplace.

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Be as clear as possible about the objective of your activity. It should be fun and rewarding for the participants, but also bring something useful back to your business. What will be the employees’ main take-away? What are your goals?



Pick a date during an offseason so participants aren’t reaching for their phones to check emails, and make sure that everyone can make the date.



Your activities should be based on the “why” above. Whether the activities are “fun” or “developmental” – they should correspond to the offsite objectives. Are your activities fresh enough for those that have been through other Team Away Days before? Do they work towards your purpose?



Make sure that you cover all the details – food, breaks, coffee, materials, etc. – to make sure the actual day goes off smoothly. Like any business meeting – make an agenda and stick to it. If there are long sessions, it helps to include plenty of breaks – and insert sufficient fun elements as well.


Follow Up and Reflection

Make sure there is sufficient time to reflect on the activities, what was learned and how to apply them for moving forward. Progress made during the activities should be locked in and reinforced.


Getting Help

Professional facilitators can help ensure that your objectives are achieved, with a variety of fresh, energetic activities corresponding to your goals. Contact us to learn more about how we can supercharge your Team Away Day.




Looking for meeting space?

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